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International Women’s Day (8th March)&Women’s history month (all March)

This month we honor all women around – our moms and relatives, our best partners, and ones who inspire us and who fight every day for us in this challenging time. This month we celebrate women’s contributions to the human … Readmore

Wedding in the “corona era”

Marriages and civil partnerships are a vital part of our society. Plenty of couples all around the world faced with marriage restrictions and were forced to cancel or postpone the wedding until better times. Unfortunately seems that this C-bastard isn’t … Readmore

Flowers for your wedding themes

Rustic Wedding Flowers If going for a rustic feel you can use willow or seeded eucalyptus, silver brunia, dahlias, roses, scabiosa, and some berries. You can also add burlap, lace, and twine. Romantic Wedding Flowers Gatherings of dusty miller, hydrangeas, … Readmore

Flowers by zodiac signs

What flowers are you based on your zodiac sign? Whether you start every morning by reading your horoscope or you only look at it from time to time, there’s no denying that it’s fun to learn what the stars have … Readmore

Peonies – Gift of the Summer

What can be more elegant, chic and tender than a bouquet of beautiful fresh peonies? These extraordinary flowers are a great gift and decoration, but surely can be pricey when off season. So when is it the best time to … Readmore

Flowers for Christmas

The best time of the year is coming!!! Time to be with your family and friends. Do you know that flowers can be an amazing gift and serve as a decoration for Christmas dinner or lunch. A lot of countries … Readmore

Colours and Flowers of the fall

Fall is the season of gerberas, dalias, purple astromerias and many  varieties of roses. Orange is the signature colour of the season. Our beautiful orange roses in a box will gift the feeling of warmth, care and lift up the … Readmore

Colours can change your mood!

Do you know that colours can affect your mood? It is a well known fact confirmed by numerous studies that colours which surround you in a day to day life can have an impact on your mood. See how you … Readmore

What does gifting flowers mean in different cultures?

Flowers have always been one of the most common gifts in all countries. It is a symbol of beauty and feelings. Despite that common meaning, in different countries various types and quantities of flowers may have a unique interpretation.  Find out the … Readmore

Tips for care and longer lasting bouquets

Read Colors and Flowers care tips on how to keep flowers fresh for longer…