Colours can change your mood!

Do you know that colours can affect your mood?

It is a well known fact confirmed by numerous studies that colours which surround you in a day to day life can have an impact on your mood. See how you can change the spirit of your beloved by picking the right colours of flowers for them:

  • Red  – perfect choice if you want to be the reason of excitement. A bouquet with mainly red flowers will give bright emotions and can even lift up the body temperature.
  • Yellow – if you want to cheer up the person and bring in some positive vibes
  • Orange – helps to break the ice and to make the communication light and easy
  • Grey – may cause the need for neatness and will help a person to be more organized
  • Blue  – will help to release the stress and feel calmer
  • White – is called a colour of success. It can motivate to take action and gives a feeling of freshness
  • Purple – colour of mistery. Its a mix of blue and red which can make a person excited and feel tranquility inside at the same time
  • Green – helps to keep the level of energy up and be optimistic


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