What does gifting flowers mean in different cultures?

Flowers have always been one of the most common gifts in all countries. It is a symbol of beauty and feelings. Despite that common meaning, in different countries various types and quantities of flowers may have a unique interpretation.  Find out the specifics and symbols associated with giving flowers across the world…


In Europe it doesn’t matter if you are giving an odd or an even number of flowers, but  it is better to avoid gifting 13 flowers as it is considered unlucky.


Potted plants are not appropriate as gifts in Asia. A plant symbolizes that your relationship is restricted or bound up in a negative way. The best would be a red bouquet which is a symbol of luck.


In England when you are invited to someone’s home for dinner, to bring flowers is a good manner. However, white lilies should be avoided as they may be considered as a symbol of mourning.


The Japanese, in fact, have a whole language based around flowers, called Hanakotoba, so we advise to study this carefully before gifting someone with a bouquet. Red camellias and blue forget-me-nots mean love (so you may wish to stay away from these in a business context), while cherry blossoms are associated with kindness and gentleness, and lavender with fidelity.


Americans celebrate Christmas with the exchange of gifts, especially flowers. The brighter the bouquet is, the happier the recipient is.


Russians gift flowers in odd numbers for occasions of joy. An even number of flowers is given for funerals only. Make sure you count flowers before you give them.

Yellow flowers is a bad sign for superstitious people and may signify a potential break up. Though, this rule does not apply to mixed flower bouquets, we would encourage you to be careful if u decide to surprise her with a bunch of yellow roses or tulips.


If you are buying flowers for an Italian woman, you may wish to avoid hydrangeas and lavender, as they represent coldness. Roses are a safe bet, as they symbolize happiness. Yellow tulips represents love and wishes for a quick recovery but if brought by a potential partner be careful, because its a symbol of hopeless love.


Traditional birthdays in Egypt are not only music and dancing. The room is fully decorated with flowers and fruits as a symbol of life and growth.

Portugal / Porto

During the celebrations for the saint patron of the city Porto which is on 23rd of June, thousands of people are gathering in the city center to pay homage to the saint also … by hitting each other with garlic flowers. The tradition is more than 600 years old!

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