Flowers for Christmas

The best time of the year is coming!!! Time to be with your family and friends. Do you know that flowers can be an amazing gift and serve as a decoration for Christmas dinner or lunch.

A lot of countries have their own Christmas flowers which are used during the festive season of Christmas. When everything else on the landscape is dormant, the plants of our Christmas traditions serve as symbols of the return of green grass and spring plants. They have become must-haves for Christmas decorating.

Couple of interesting facts about Christmas flowers and plants:

  • In Mexico there is a Christmas cactus, also known as orchid cactus, which blooms around Christmas time.
  • In New Zealand, the pōhutukawa tree is often associated with Christmas, as it has bright red flowers which appear in December.
  • Poinsettia, very popular Christmas has a very interesting story behind. According to a legend, a young girl named Maria and her brother Pablo were the first to discover the poinsettia. The two children were very poor and could not afford a gift to bring to the Christmas Eve festival. Not wanting to arrive empty handed, the two children stopped beside the road and gathered a bouquet of weeds. When they arrived at the festival, they were chided by other children for their meager gift.  But, when they placed the weeds beside the Christ Child in the manger, the poinsettia plants burst into brilliant red blooms.

Traditional Christmas colors are often seen in holiday bouquets and floral arrangements. Although they are bright and cheery that is not the reason they were chosen. The traditional red, white, green and gold originated in Christian religious symbolism relating to the birth of Christ.

  • White – Purity, Innocence & Peace
  • Red – The Blood of Christ
  • Green – Everlasting or Eternal Life
  • Gold or Silver – The Star of Bethlehem
  • Blue – The Virgin Mary

Coloursandflowers team wishes you Merry Christmas and is always happy to brighten any occasion with their designer flower boxes!



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